Cloud Network Engineer

Location: Lviv, Ukraine, United States
Date Posted: 05-21-2018
About The Job
Ericsson UDN is building the world's first webscale edge network ( in partnership with over 80 broadband service providers including Telstra, Vodafone, Telefonica, DoCoMo. We are seeking to recruit a passionate, experienced Software Defined Network engineer to join our edge compute engineering team.  As a key member of the network team, you will run POC, automate, deploy various network components to build an overlay network for our edge compute platform. The platform will enable our customers to deploy cloud-based services tiered from the core platform to the network edge and serve network latency-sensitive applications such as IoT, AR/VR, Gaming. You have a demonstrated ability to create frameworks that enable teams to rapidly adopt, develop, verify, and deploy new technology solutions.  

Required Qualifications
-Minimum of 5 years experience in the networking field.
-Strong experience with DevOps processes and automation with Salt, Puppet, Ansible
-Good understanding of SDN architecture and technology (control plane, data plane, management plane, orchestration) and experience with open source or commercial SDN controllers.
-Knowledge of Kubernetes networking model and hands-on experience with one or more of the CNI plugins such as Calico, Flannel, Weave.
-Understanding of Openstack network architecture and experience with OpenvSwitch, VLAN and tunneling technologies such as VXLAN, GRE. 
-Experience running performance benchmarks, tuning Linux network stack and knowledge of data plane acceleration techniques - SR-IOV, DPDK.
-Strong experience with one or more languages - Python, C++, Go
-Experience with agile development methodology, defining automated test framework for continuous integration and testing.
-Excellent written, documentation, presentation and communication skills.
-Experience collaborating with geographically distributed technical teams

About Ericsson UDN:
Ericsson UDN is the first distributed edge compute platform that enables services such as content delivery to deployed on service provider access networks. Our goal is to enable the next generation of applications such as VR/AR, gaming, IoT, and big data to be deployed in a tiered compute infrastructure that enables massive scale with ultra-low latency. Our first service, a massively scalable Content Delivery service is already in production with our OEM partners. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to work with the largest names in the business.
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